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Environmental Solutions Customized for Various Industries

Servicing the public and private industry sectors, at EnviroScience Solutions we offer a tailored approach to environmental management services across a broad range of industries.

These industries include construction and infrastructure, defence, mining and resources, agriculture, energy and utilities, education and training, manufacturing, facilities and property management, and government. We also provide environmental solutions for insurance claims in the wake of a natural disaster or covered incident. 

Our strong regional presence ensures we understand the unique challenges and expectations of rural and regionally based industries and organisations. It sees us apply a practical and innovative approach to achieve solution-based outcomes.

We are also proud to partner with Government, commercial enterprise and universities. This includes research partnerships in product development with the University of Sydney (Asbestos Diseases Research Institute, Sydney Medical School) and University of New South Wales (School of Materials Science and Engineering).

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Construction & Infrastructure

EnviroScience Solutions are an integral part of the construction and infrastructure process, ensuring the site, surrounding environment and human health are protected prior to commencement of the project, and throughout its duration. 

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EnviroScience Solutions understands how to minimise the environmental impacts within defence operations, while protecting the health of its personnel and the wider public.

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Mining and resources

EnviroScience Solutions has worked extensively with the mining and resources sector to provide cutting-edge environmental testing and advice to adhere to sustainable practices.

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Education and Training

EnviroScience Solutions offers tailored training programs to ensure the effective implementation of sustainable practices and environmental awareness in the workplace, regarding hazardous materials such as asbestos and silica.

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EnviroScience Solutions has the in-house expertise to identify, monitor and manage hazardous materials following a natural disaster such as fire or flood, or a covered incident, which has seen us highly sought after in the wake of a claim.

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As a rural and regional business, EnviroScience Solutions is deeply committed to the agricultural sector, offering a range of services, tailored solutions and training on sustainable practices to meet compliance requirements and optimise agricultural operations.

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Energy & Utilities

EnviroScience Solutions offers comprehensive environmental testing, advice, and support to the energy and utilities sector to ensure sustainable practices and compliance with regulations for a healthier and greener built environment.

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Facilities & Property Management

EnviroScience Solutions works with facility and property managers to ensure the health of their infrastructure, and those that inhabit it, are protected with identification, monitoring and management of contaminants and hazardous materials.

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EnviroScience Solutions partners with the manufacturing sector to offer environmental testing and solutions to ensure sustainable practices, regulatory compliance and minimal environmental impacts.

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Government and Public sectors

EnviroScience Solutions specialises in government and public services, offering tailored environmental testing and advice to strategically address their environmental challenges.

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