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Silica Dust Testing

EnviroScience Solutions provides NSW homes and businesses with first class silica dust testing services. This is a natural mineral found in most rocks and soils. Unfortunately, the crystalline form is a health hazard when it turns to dust, and therefore detecting it is imperative to health and safety.

EnviroScience combines our skills and experience with advanced technology to provide the very best monitoring service. What’s more, we conduct our testing in a NATA-approved laboratory, ensuring the most thorough analysis is complete with every service we provide.

The safety of you, your family or your staff is imperative to EnviroScience – call now to ensure your property doesn’t contain this harmful mineral.

Silica dust monitoring & the mineral’s health effects

Like asbestos, silica can be detrimental to one’s health if exposed to the crystalised particle form. Unfortunately, these particles are so small they can easily penetrate the lungs, which can cause silicosis, an incurable and irreversible lung disease.

Silicosis comes in a variety of forms, each of which have different harmful effects on one’s health. They include:

  • Acute silicosis: This is when you are exposed to high particle levels in a short period of time. It causes inflammation and protein outpouring in the lung.
  • Accelerated silicosis: This is when you experience ongoing exposure to the particle over a period of three to 10 years. Accelerated silicosis causes lung inflammation, protein outpouring and scarring.
  • Chronic silicosis: This form of silicosis developers after ongoing exposure to lower particle levels. It causes fibrotic nodules and shortness of breath which can be quite unpleasant for the victim.

Why enlist our professionals for your service?

EnviroScience has a longstanding reputation as NSW’s premier occupational health and hygiene service provider. We are fully-equipped with the most advanced technology from start to finish to ensure that your property is free from this harmful mineral. What’s more, we work to provide an efficient service that doesn’t impede on your business’s daily operations. We also provide comprehensive action plans for properties that do contain the mineral, ensuring a comprehensive service from start to completion.

Want to enlist NSW’s most efficient silica dust exposure testing service?

The EnviroScience team is dedicated to providing the most advanced monitoring service in the state. We ensure that your commercial, industrial or residential property is free from this harmful mineral using the most advanced industry methodology. If we locate the mineral’s presence at your location, we will provide an action plan on how to remove it for good.

If you would like to enlist our service, or would like to find out more, please feel free to contact our friendly team. We are committed to providing an outstanding service standard, especially because of the serious nature of such processes. Call our team on 1300 372 436 or submit an inquiry form via our contact page and we will reply with all the information you require.

Why do you need a clearance after a mould growth incident?

If you or your employees are suffering from unexplainable symptoms including respiratory illness, headaches/migraines, cough, sinus problems & rashes, then it may be necessary that an air mould testing is undertaken by a professional occupational hygienist.

Airborne mould can often be seen by the naked eye, so if you are able to see a mould or fungi in your property call Enviro Science Solutions immediately and we will assist you in creating a remediation and scope of works to remediate any growth of mould and ensure your health is not compromised. Our team of experts carry out accurate air mould testing and provide you with accurate results.

Mould growth caused by leaking pipes or any other water ingress may be hidden behind walls, subfloor or in ceiling cavities, however you may be able to see signs of mould growth or excessive water such as cracked or peeling paint, discolouration of walls and bulging of walls. In such cases, you would require professional airborne mould testing to determine how much growth exists and might have spread.

Why EnviroScience Solutions to provide a mould clearance?

Based conveniently in Regional NSW with our head office & laboratory in Dubbo and offices in Wagga, Orange and Tamworth EnviroScience Solutions Scientists and Occupational Hygienists possess the necessary skills and equipment for obtaining samples of air, surface swabs, moisture relating to relative humidity in the indoor air from your property and testing for abnormal growth of airborne mould & fungi quickly and efficiently. Flexible, quick to act and not far away – EnviroScience Solutions has forged a reputation as one of Australia’s leading locally owned occupational hygiene & environmental consultancies, having a commitment to service that is second to none.

Call us on 1300 372 436.

Our clients

EnviroScience Solutions have assisted numerous government departments for both commercial and private residences including the Defence Force, and builders and project managers for insurance works including flood works for mould and bacterial assessment and remediation projects for over 90 clients.


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