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Sustainability Initiatives at EnviroScience

EnviroScience Solutions is committed to the principles of sustainability including protecting the environment and health through cost effective community-based outcomes.

We recognise our moral and legal responsibility to ensure all activities, equipment and services are designed to protect and enhance the environment and health in communities. We live and work in regional Australia and understand its complexities and opportunities.

We are proactively engaged in environmental awareness and improvements by working with our employees, clients, customers, suppliers and the community, to encourage adherence to acceptable environmental policies, and to adopt procedures which:

  • Reduce Waste through innovative operation and recycling practices, and,
  • Reduce Pollutants produced by our operations, activities, products or services
  • Increase Social Engagement through Aboriginal procurement and employment targeted policies and goals.
  • Ensure Equal Gender Aims for our positions of management and remuneration considerations.

As a result, we act to ensure the minimum environmental, social and economic of our deliverables to our clients.

Accountability for the implementation of EnviroScience Solutions’ sustainability principles rests primarily with management, however the whole organisation has embraced this philosophy.