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EnviroScience provides NSW businesses and government departments with cutting-edge soil classification. This essential service is designed to group soils with a similar property range into categories that can be geo-referenced and mapped. This referencing can then go on to be used in myriad business, government and industrial applications, making it an imperative environmental service.

EnviroScience combines years of skill and experience with state of the art technology to provide the most efficient service throughout the state. Whether you work in agriculture, civil engineering, environmental management, geology, land use planning or a different field, you can come to us to receive the most efficient report.

Who Can Benefit From Soil Classification in NSW?

Perhaps it’s the sheer number of use applications that makes classification so important for NSW enterprise. Applications that utilise our service include:

  • Agriculture: Farmers need this service to determine what kind of crops are most suitable to grow on their land. Naturally, different plants thrive in different conditions, and the category of the earth below is one of the biggest determiners when it comes to selecting plants to grow.
  • Environmental management: This service helps identify properties that could either have a positive or negative effect on a particular piece of land.
  • Civil engineering: Not all soil types are suitable civil engineering projects, and therefore this service is necessary to determine whether it is safe to build on that particular site. Consequently, this service is used for the constructions of bridges, roads, tunnels and more.
  • Land use planning: This works in the same way as civil engineering. This service is enlisted to determine the suitability of an area for developing both commercial and residential areas.
  • Public health: Our service helps determine whether contamination exists in a particular area. This information can then be passed on to public health authorities and used to make an informed decision regarding the area’s usage.

Your Application Is In Safe Hands with Our Experts

You can trust the EnviroScience team to provide the most accurate results for your NSW soil classification. Our experts will come out to your location with advanced technology before sampling the area for its properties. We will then take the samples back to our lab where state of the art technology will determine said properties. Finally, we will return the results that you need for your application – simple.

Want To Enlist Our Experts?

Simply call the EnviroScience experts if you would like to enlist our team or find out more regarding our service. We are on-hand to provide you and your business or organisation with the highest standard of service and will be therefore happy to assist you with your inquiries.

Call EnviroScience on 1300 372 436 or submit an inquiry form via our contact page. We will shortly be in contact with you to discuss our service and book your property at a time that is most suitable for you.


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