Dubbo Bridge Project

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Dubbo Bridge Project

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In 2023, EnviroScience Solutions was engaged by the NSW Government to carry out extensive Environmental Consultancy and Occupational Hygiene Works on the construction of new bridge infrastructure at Dubbo in the Central West of the State.

The New Dubbo Bridge – built across the Macquarie River – was jointly funded by the Australian and NSW governments.

The $220 million project was designed to improve freight efficiency on the Newell Highway, reduce traffic congestion and provide an additional route for the community during flood events.        

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EnviroScience Solutions conducted comprehensive Pre-Construction Land condition assessments (PCLA) which involved the inspection and assessment of the condition of some parts of the site prior to works taking place. Post construction land condition assessments will be undertaken when the project is completed to ensure that areas have been left in the same, or better, condition than when works began.

A key part of the project for EnviroScience was carrying out monthly water monitoring at three locations in the Macquarie River to determine whether the construction of the new bridge was creating local water disturbance. This involved analysing samples for pH, turbidity, Conductivity, Total Suspended Solids, Dissolved Oxygen, Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus.

The EnviroScience team also conducted Asbestos Air Monitoring using top industry-grade equipment to test for the presence of asbestos fibers in the atmosphere in their locally located NATA accredited Laboratory.

In-depth analysis and management of soils at the Dubbo Bridge site was a large part of the project. EnviroScience supervised the on-site scraping of topsoil as well as topsoil clearances, as a precaution in case contamination was uncovered. In addition, the team spent time classifying on-site waste classification of stockpiled and in-situ soils for removal off site, and classification and sampling for reuse of materials on and off site as Excavated Natural material (ENM).


Delivery of this project highlighted EnviroScience’s capability to deliver large scale works, from initial site assessment and throughout the construction stages, on budget and on time. The team demonstrated how comprehensively it carries out tasks which are vital to protecting the health of on-site workers and the nearby natural environment. Due to our Head Office and NATA accredited Laboratory being only 10 minutes from the site we were able to provide rapid and on-call service.