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Why undertake noise monitoring?

Occupational exposure to noise pollution and noise-induced hearing loss account for a large percentage of employee compensation claims. In a workplace where excessive noise is present, it is important to have controls in place to prevent any occupational hearing loss or damage. Excessive environmental noise pollution caused by construction works or operation of loud machinery can cause discomfort and disruption in daily activities (such as sleep) for surrounding residents and the general public. It is vital to perform noise risk and impact assessment on a routine basis to prevent any serious problems from arising and affecting the working environment.

Sound is measured in Decibels (dB) which is a logarithmic scale, so an increase of just 3 dB is double the sound to the human ear!

When to consider monitoring noise

Noise monitoring and risk assessment may be required during construction of buildings, roads, or any new infrastructure, or at the operational stage of a project where loud plant or machinery is used to ensure the noise isn’t causing any harm or disrupting the residents and public surrounding the site.

Environmental noise pollution surveys may be a requirement of the EPA during operation or may be required in order to comply with a development consent application. EnviroScience Solutions are able to record and analyse the noise emitted from a construction site or operational works and advise on a control plan to minimize the impact.Residents concerned with noise from a surrounding site are also able to be assisted with monitoring of the noise received at their home.

Occupational (workplace) noise monitoring and risk assessment may be required in a workplace to protect your employees and ensure harm to hearing is kept at a minimum. EnviroScience Solutions is able to monitor noise exposure in in a workplace to determine if employees and contractors are being overexposed to noise and maybe in jeopardy of developing any noise induced hearing loss. We will analyse the results and provide a report outlining controls and changes that need to be made to ensure everyone’s safety. Controls to minimise noise exposure in the workplace can be as simple as wearing the correct PPE.

Why use EnviroScience Solutions for your noise monitoring?

EnviroScience Solutions is able to undertake two different branches of noise risk assessment surveys for you, occupational noise surveys in the workplace as well as environmental noise surveys for areas surrounding a potential noise hazard.

We have previously completed noise risk assessment surveys and developed noise management plans to protect employees and the general public at over 50 fifty sites including Various Base Hospitals, Defence Sites, multiple quarries and extraction industries, manufacturing, construction and demolition works and the agribusiness sectors.


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