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Silica Dust Monitoring

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Efficient Silica Dust Monitoring Project


EnviroScience Solutions was engaged to undertake personal respirable, inhalable and crystalline silica dust assessments for a large quarry operation across NSW. The dust assessments form part of the client’s yearly obligations to comply with safety regulations for workers’ health and exposure levels.

John of EnviroScience said, “the health and safety of employees on site is the number one priority, and it is important that staff and management both understand the risks that we can unintentionally put ourselves at on a day-to-day basis. Dust exposure is a real issue and people need to be more aware of the health implications and pathways that this can occur”.

Service Industry Location
  • Silica Dust Exposure Testing
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Dubbo
  • Wagga Wagga


EnviroScience Solutions worked with the client to ensure the most suitable and standard day of operation was picked to replicate the full operational capabilities of each quarry and the potential exposure to respirable, inhalable and crystalline silica dust that employees could be exposed to. The assessment was conducted over an 8-hour period to replicate a standard working day and commenced at the start of shift. Prior to pumps and sampling heads being installed on employees, a general toolbox meeting was held to explain why the assessment was being conducted, the benefits, what was being assessed and what was required from the employees throughout the assessment. Once the pumps had been set up, EnviroScience personnel noted the environmental conditions on the day, as these could directly affect the movement and creation of dust. To gain a better understanding of the site, EnviroScience conducted a visual assessment of the site to identify key areas where excessive dust could be created by specific machinery, potentially posing a risk of exposure to employees.


Delivery of this project demonstrates EnviroScience Solutions’ mindset for maintaining a safe working environment for employees and consistently trying to improve working procedures for companies by providing ongoing site-specific recommendations.

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