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Comprehensive Friable Asbestos Removal Project


EnviroScience Solutions was engaged by the client to undertake an initial assessment and prepare a scope of works for remediation following the internal contamination of a residential property during refurbishment works. The friable asbestos contamination was created by tradespeople unknowingly cutting and drilling fibre cement ceilings
and walls that contained chrysotile, amosite and crocidolite asbestos.

Gemma of EnviroScience said, “it is extremely important to look out for young and upcoming tradespeople and for management to ensure employees are correctly trained in asbestos awareness.

Service Industry Location
  • Government and Public sectors
  • Construction & infrastructure


EnviroScience Solutions liaised with both the client and a local asbestos removalist to ensure that all contamination from within the property was actioned, and the correct safety protocols were identified.

Prior to any remediation works commencing the entire building was completely sealed within a bubble and a thorough smoke test of the structure ensured no fibres could be released during remediation work. To fully clear the property of friable dust on the internal surfaces, all the soft furnishings and ceiling insulation was removed as asbestoscontaminated. All hard surfaces were vacuumed and wet-wiped. Walls and timber frames remaining in-situ were cleaned and sprayed with a PVA solution to minimise the potential of free fibres.

During the remediation EnviroScience conducted ongoing air monitoring, with local LAA’s available to attend site and consult on any issues that were encountered. Daily air results were provided each morning to workers and the client to prove the works were being conducted in a safe manner. Upon completion of the remediation, a visual inspection, clearance air monitoring and adhesive tape samples were collected to ensure with high confidence the site had been fully remediated.


Delivery of this project demonstrates EnviroScience Solutions’ professional involvement in leading a project from initial site assessment through to remediation completion and the emphases placed on health within the workplace and at home.

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