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Asbestos Awareness Training

We’re all aware of the dangers that asbestos presents. However, we’re not all aware of how to spot its presence. There are specific training requirements for asbestos work and for employees who may be potentially exposed to the mineral. This training is in addition to the general training requirements required as part of an employer’s primary duty of care to provide information, classes and instruction.

EnviroScience provides awareness classes’ for employees working around asbestos, also where naturally occurring fibres are likely to be found at a workplace and as part of an organisation’s management plan when managing the mineral in the workplace.

A worker must not be allowed to handle the fibres unless they have completed appropriate education or they hold a current licence or certifications.

What Topics Do We Cover?

Education records need to be kept while the worker is carrying out the work and for five years after the worker finishes. These records must be readily accessible at the removal area.

EnviroScience’s asbestos awareness training courses, online and face to face, provides the skills and knowledge necessary to have awareness of and identify asbestos containing materials (ACMs) or suspected ACMs, and to ensure that appropriate action is taken.

Topics covered include:

  • Identification of the building products or naturally occurring asbestos.
  • Why exposure to the mineral MUST be avoided.
  • Emphasis on what to do if a suspected asbestos identified.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the mineral’s properties
  • Understand the health risks associated with exposure
  • Be aware of how it is used, and its likely occurrences
  • Identify the natural mineral and building products
  • Describe the safety requirements of working with it
  • Implement emergency procedures to manage an uncontrolled release if accidentally encountered.

We Issue State of Attendance Certificates

All participants will be issued with a Statement of Attendance. As this is only a brief awareness course, a competency-based accreditation cannot be awarded.

This course does meet the requirements for professional development, as required by a number of trades, and may therefore be used to gain professional development points.

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Enviroscience is dedicated to ensuring workplace safety is upheld across NSW. Australians are well aware of the dangers these minerals present. Whether at home or in the workplace, they still pose an unwanted threat to individuals. As such, it is  proactive to ensure your staff are aware of its potential presence. What’s more, it is compulsory for many organisations, so don’t let yours fall behind on compliance.

If you would like to book our service, or find out more about how we can train your team, please feel free to get in contact. We are committed to providing Australian organisations with the highest service standard. Therefore, you can trust that our experts will be happy to discuss our service and how we can help ensure workplace safety.

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