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Mould and Fungal Remediation

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Mould testing device

Comprehensive Mould and Fungal Removal Project


EnviroScience Solutions was engaged to undertake preliminary investigations following the growth and infestation of mould within wall cavities of a hospital ward due to a faulty thermostatic mixing valve that had released an unknown quantity of water.

Ken of EnviroScience said, “the hospital was lucky that the project manager picked up the fault when he did, as this allowed for appropriate measures of investigation to be undertaken by qualified staff, directly speeding up the processes for remediation”.

Service Industry Location
  • Airborne Mould
  • Fungi Sampling
  • Government Building – Hospital
  • Construction
  • Dubbo
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Orange


Ken Archer and Jeff Sargent attended site and worked in conjunction with the client to assess likely pathways of water and mould growth.

To conduct a thorough investigation, inspection holes were drilled into walls of the ward. Once the areas of concern were identified, the walls were dried with portable air driers and the ward remained closed.

Several days after the initial issue had been addressed, Ken and Jeff returned to site for further assessment. Moisture readings, swabs and bio-tape impressions of the wall cavities were taken and results returned positive for fungal spores within the ward. Nursing administration was contacted and access was limited until fungal clearance could be issued.

A professional cleaning company engaged for remediation works followed EnviroScience recommendations of HEPA vacuuming and wiping down of hard surfaces with a fungal bio-cide.

Validation sampling conducted by EnviroScience found that the wall cavities were dry and hence re-sealed. Clearance air samples showed normal fungal ecology and the ward was commissioned to re-open in September 2020.


Delivery of this project demonstrates the professional expertise of EnviroScience Solutions in a sensitive environment where ill and immune-compromised patients are at risk of infection. The site was remediated with minimal delay and ongoing communication between the client and nursing staff was necessary until the final clearance of the air was complete.

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