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Challenging Friable Asbestos Remediation Project: Lime Processing Plant


EnviroScience Solutions was engaged by the client to undertake an initial assessment and prepare a scope of works for remediation following an unexpected find of asbestos materials at a lime processing plant. The asbestos materials, presumed to be used as insulation around smoke boxes, were identified during renovation works and analysed as containing amosite, chrysotile and crocidolite, in a friable condition.

Michael of EnviroScience said, “the highlight of the project was having a mobile laboratory on site, this enabled quick turnaround of results and provided confidence that the remediation was being handled correctly.

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Michael Williamson of EnviroScience Solutions was the Occupational Health and Environmental Consultant who attended the site for the initial assessment and followed through with remediation works as project manager.

Michael engaged a local Asbestos Removalist with a friable (Class A) licence and worked with both the client and the removalist to design an adequate remediation plan, including an exclusion zone, clean zone, decontamination chamber and time frame to complete the remediation.

As the job was time sensitive and the unexpected asbestos find was holding up site works and
roduction, the job was treated as a high priority. EnviroScience was able to have the remediation in motion within three weeks.

To also allow for quick turnaround of air monitoring results, EnviroScience was able to deploy one of its mobile laboratories to allow for slides to be read on site and provide instantaneous results to
the client that the works being completed were meeting all requirements and workers were not being put at risk.


Delivery of this project demonstrates EnviroScience’s involvement from initial investigations through to site remediation, ensuring all legal requirements were followed and all parties involved were kept well informed with clear goals outlined.

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