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EnviroScience Solutions provides comprehensive water quality testing services, assuring that the highest standards of safety and health are met.

We offer a complete selection of water quality testing services to our clients throughout the public and private sectors, including:

Laboratory Sampling and Testing

Our accurate data and water quality services support clients in ensuring water safety, meeting regulatory compliance, and making sustainable water management decisions. The data integrity is guaranteed, making our service a dependable resource for clients across various sectors.






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Drinking Water Quality Testing

We specialise in Drinking Water Quality Testing to secure the health and safety of local communities. Our testing involves a comprehensive analysis of drinking water, detecting a vast range of contaminants.

Our meticulous approach to water testing services ensures compliance with local and international water safety standards. Furthermore, we assist in remediating identified issues, ensuring the provision of clean, safe drinking water for all.

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Microbial & Bacterial

Our Microbial & Bacterial Testing service aims to keep water sources safe from harmful microorganisms. Utilising cutting-edge microbiological techniques, we identify and quantify bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes that pose a threat to water quality and public health. The presence of these pathogens can lead to waterborne diseases, making our service vital for maintaining community health.



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Ground Water Management

Groundwater is a crucial resource, and at EnviroScience Solutions, we are committed to its sustainable management.

Our Ground Water Management service involves a thorough assessment of groundwater sources, continuous monitoring, and remediation of identified issues. We analyse the physical and chemical properties of groundwater, detecting contamination and over-extraction issues. By providing data-driven recommendations within our water quality testing services for sustainable use and conservation, we contribute to securing this valuable resource for future generations.

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Chemical Water Pollution

Our Chemical Water Pollution service is dedicated to the detection and quantification of hazardous chemicals in water bodies. We accurately identify pollutants ranging from heavy metals like lead and mercury to volatile organic compounds. Each test is conducted meticulously, ensuring precise results that facilitate timely interventions. The detailed reports we provide assist in understanding the severity of pollution and aid in formulating effective remediation plans.

By minimising chemical water pollution through our quality testing services, we help preserve aquatic ecosystems and safeguard public health.

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Learn More on Our Water Quality Testing Services

For more information on our water quality testing services available, please contact us at EnviroScience Solutions today.


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