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Asbestos Air Monitoring

Asbestos air monitoring makes sure the health risk from asbestos fibres in the air in a workplace and/or construction site is kept at safe levels. Enviro Science Solutions is NATA accredited for the testing of asbestos collected from the air.

Background Asbestos air monitoring

Background asbestos air monitoring assesses the presence of asbestos fibres in the atmosphere before removing of asbestos materials. We utilise top industry-grade air testing equipment for asbestos to ensure you receive the most precise results of your environment.

Control air monitoring for Asbestos

Control air monitoring for asbestos monitors areas surrounding any asbestos removal project using specialised equipment during removal to verify the effectiveness of controls in place that to stop asbestos fibres escaping the asbestos removal zone.

Clearance monitoring for Asbestos

Clearance air monitoring for asbestos is undertaken at the completion of an asbestos removal or remediation project to ensure that there are no airborne asbestos fibres remain in the asbestos work zone and/or is safe for re occupation after an asbestos incident.

NATA accredited Asbestos air testing

Enviro Science Solutions is accredited by the National Australian Testing Authorities (NATA) certified to monitor and test for asbestos in our own Asbestos Testing laboratory.

Asbestos air monitoring ensures asbestos controls are working during the removal or remediation of friable and/or bonded asbestos containing materials. Asbestos air testing can also assess the occupational exposure of workers where asbestos fibres may be present at their workplace.

Enviro Science Solutions works on Asbestos Air Monitoring projects in Sydney, Central West NSW, Orana, Riverina, Hunter Valley and North West NSW, including the towns of Orange, Bathurst, Dubbo, Parkes, Forbes, Wagga, Mudgee, Newcastle, Maitland, Tamworth, Gunnedah, Muswellbrook, Singleton, Moree and Broken Hill.


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