Horticultural Soil Sampling

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EnviroScience Solutions were engaged to undertake a site investigation and soil sampling for the proposed development of a medicinal cannabis plantation at a property in the Central West of New South Wales.

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The objectives of the site investigation were to determine whether the designated parcel of land could sustain the growth of medicinal cannabis plants from a nutrient and horticultural fertility perspective. As well as, determine if there was any chemical contamination of the topsoil and subsurface soil layers.

The scope of works included assessment of the surface and subsoil conditions at the proposed site, including surface topsoil and subsoil core samples for testing, and analysis of the soil for heavy metal contamination, general nutrient and fertility status of the soil.

As there are no known optimal soil levels for growing cannabis in the field in Australia, the soils were analysed for general horticultural crops. This was also the case for heavy metals, with the levels based on the Victorian EPA bio solid levels.


EnviroScience were able to conclude that while heavy metals are naturally present in the soil, additions may come from various sources, such as natural at atmospheric deposition and the use of fertilisers, soil amendments and organic wastes such as sewage and waste products. With the levels of heavy metals in the soils sampled at the site appearing to be very low and satisfactory, it was determined that these levels should not be a limiting factor for the growth of medicinal cannabis at this location.