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EnviroScience provides silica awareness training in Sydney and throughout New South Wales. This harmful dust is found in numerous materials including clay, gravel, rock, sand and stone, but is most commonly located in quartz. Unfortunately, this means it can be found in a range of building products like bricks, concrete and tiles.

It is for this reason that courses are available for construction workers, engineers, farmers, miners and other professionals to identify and manage identified dust hazards. We provide a comprehensive program that seeks to educate on the hazardous material, where it is located, the health risks associated with it and how to properly address a hazard.

Silica in house training

Why Choose Enviroscience For Silica Awareness Training In Sydney?

The EnviroScience team is renowned for providing the most comprehensive education programs in New South Wales. You can expect the following from our programs:

  • Full understanding: We provide a comprehensive understanding of this harmful material, where it can be found and how to safely address it. Our instructors have years of experience in providing this service and cover all bases when it comes to gaining a full comprehension.
  • Certification: Upon completion of this program, you will receive full certification regarding material comprehension and management.​​ You will be able to safely identify and manage this harmful material if it is located at your worksite.

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If you would like to book this program, or would like to find out more, please feel free to contact the EnviroScience Solutions experts. We are committed to providing NSW businesses with an exceptional standard of communication and will be happy to help with any inquiries you have regarding our program.

Call us on 1300 372 436 or submit an inquiry form via our contact page and we will reply with all the information you require.


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