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Environmental soil testing involves analysing soil samples to assess their physical, biological, and chemical properties. These insights are essential to ensure informed decision-making across several different sectors, including agriculture, construction, environmental planning and more.

EnviroScience Solutions provides comprehensive soil testing services to help you determine the quality of your site.


Naturally Occurring Asbestos

Naturally occurring asbestos refers to the mineral fibres released from rocks and soils due to erosion or human activities, posing a risk to human health, especially once disturbed. We offer precise detection and quantification of asbestos in soil, aiding in making decisions about any necessary safety measures and managing projects in these areas.

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Preliminary Site Investigation

Our preliminary site investigation service provides an initial assessment of potential environmental risks at your site. With an evaluation of historical site data, aerial imagery, soil sampling, and more, this form of environmental soil testing will identify any noticeable issues that warrant further examination.

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Detailed Site Investigation

A detailed site investigation delves into potential environmental issues identified in the preliminary investigation. From more extensive soil sampling to laboratory analysis, this will help you precisely understand the extent and severity of any contamination to shape further remediation strategies.

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Validation Reports

Our validation reports offer a post-remediation assessment to verify the success of your efforts. The reports comply with environmental standards and provide a reliable account of a site’s current environmental status.

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Environmental Management Plans

We develop environmental management plans (EMPs) based on our environmental soil testing and site investigations. These plans provide strategies for managing environmental risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and promoting sustainable operations.

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Various hazardous materials, asbestos awareness including naturally occurring asbestos training…

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Ensure you and your contractors meet legislative requirements, hands on, over 1000 persons trained on-site, classroom style…

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Developed specifically for your requirements, co-branding, dedicated online portals, developed by industry practitioners…

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