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Our management team is supported by hands on, practical, innovative scientific and engineering-based expertise. We are committed to staff development, the sharing of knowledge, and embracing and promoting a culture of sustainability. We are an integral part of the rural and regional communities where we work and live.

Passionate and Experienced Environmental Professionals


“A multi-disciplinary scientific team with a broad project understanding and solutions for most project challenges”


Fifteen years ago, Juliet founded Regional EnviroScience, the same but now re-branded EnviroScience Solutions Pty Ltd. She is an advocate for women in STEM.   Juliet was a Finalist in 2017 and  2018 for both the Australian Financial Review Fast 100 and Regional Business Woman of the Year.  Juliet was Awarded Regional Woman of the Year 2018. Juliet holds a Masters in Sustainable Management from Sydney University, and has been managing occupational health and environmental projects since the 1980s.

In 2021 EnviroScience was the Asia Pacific WINNER for the annual BGIS innovation awards, and THIRD place globally for innovation for a project that they worked with BGIS and local construction companies!

Laboratory Team


Ken is a Medical Scientist with 40+ years’ experience, previously in charge of Orana Pathology at Dubbo Hospital, and has brought his wealth of knowledge to EnviroScience ensuring the appropriate standards of quality systems and controls in operations and the laboratory. He is the first go to for staff for complex problems and advice and bespoke solutions for our clients.


Jeff is a Medical Scientist who previously worked at the Orana Pathology where he was in charge of two departments, Biochemistry and Microbiology. These two disciplines bring a wealth of experience to Jeff’s role at EnviroScience, especially in mould, bacterial and chemical assessments and water testing. Jeff is the driver for quality within the organisation.


Simone is a Medical and Quality Control Scientist with extensive experience in microbiology, biochemistry and cell culture. Before joining the EnviroScience team, Simone worked at Thermo Fisher Scientific in a range of multi-disciplinary roles. This background coupled with her success in a quality-controlled environment at EnviroScience, positions Simone as an influential member of EnviroScience team. 

Field Team

BAppSc CertOHSProf.SIA MAIOH. LAA 001156

John is an Occupational Hygienist (MAIOH) and is a Certified OHS Professional with the Australian Institute of Health and Safety. John has worked in multi-disciplinary environments including consulting and operational positions across a wide range of sectors including in government, mining, construction and agriculture in various roles related to quality systems and controls in operations and the laboratory.

BSc (Geosciences) LAA 00122

Gemma is an Occupational Health and Environmental Consultant with extensive experience in the Geotechnical and Environmental Fields. Gemma facilitates the project management of large-scale projects and oversees tendering and quotation responsibilities for EnviroScience. Gemma has a specific interest in Naturally Occurring Asbestos Management and Contaminated Sites Remediation. She is also a Licensed Asbestos Assessor.  

BGeoSc. LAA 001347

Michael is an Occupational Health and Environmental Consultant with several years of experience in farming, soil science, GIS mapping and project management. Michael is a Licensed Asbestos Assessor, performing a range of on-site technical duties and remediation supervision roles. He is passionate about Natural Occurring Asbestos Management and the challenges and rewards of working on contaminated sites projects. Michael conducts Preliminary and Detailed Site Investigations in his role for EnviroScience. 

BPCN AssEnBiBPCN AssEnBi LAA 001434

Noellie is an experienced Environmental Project Manager with expertise in soil and underground water remediation and rehabilitation, particularly in the areas of hydrocarbon and chemical pollution. Noellie is a valued member of the EnviroScience team providing high level contaminated site expertise. She is based in our Wagga Wagga office.

BSc Hons CEnvP

Mark is Contaminated Site Practitioner with 25 years of experience as an environmental consultant advising multi-national and national companies on contaminated land issues. He is a Certified Environmental Practitioner: Site Contamination Specialist (CEnvP: SCS SC40106) accredited by Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) and an EIANZ Site Contamination Accreditation Scheme Registrar.

BAppSc (Land Science) AssDipAppSc (Biology) LAA 001517

David has extensive experience in public policy, project management and government relations, particularly in the resources sector. He a strong background in stakeholder engagement, Indigenous community relations and partnership building.

BGeoSc. LAA 001347

Andrés is a Licensed Asbestos Assessor and Work Health and Safety consultant with extensive experience in hazardous materials, indoor air quality, environmental monitoring, occupational hygiene, and contaminated land assessments. As an environmental scientist, he has developed strong skills in field sampling and the laboratory analysis of soil, water and air quality.

BEnv Sc (Physical Systems)

Sam is an Occupational Health and Environmental Consultant with lengthy experience in Contaminated Land – Site Assessment and Remediation projects. He has worked in Waste Classification and Resource Recovery Orders as well as performing a range of on-site assessments and supervisory roles. Sam manages the EnviroScience Newcastle office.