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 Groundwater Management & Monitoring for Pollution

Ensuring a clean and safe groundwater supply is vital for our survival and prosperity. Groundwater is extensively used right across Australia, acting as a common source of water for drinking, irrigation, stock supply, bottling and many other uses, accounting for over 30% of Australia’s total water consumption.

Proper groundwater management is not just essential for drinking and irrigation, but also supports countless major industries and maintains the delicate balance of our ecosystems. As such, our specialists at EnviroScience Solutions offer a range of support services to manage and prevent groundwater management and contamination.

Why is Groundwater Management Against Contamination So Crucial?

The NSW State Groundwater Quality Protection Policy underlines the essential principles for protecting groundwater quality. It serves as a comprehensive guide to safeguard our water sources against pollution and contamination.

But why is groundwater management and monitoring so critical?

  • Groundwater is an indispensable source of drinking water for country towns and a crucial asset for major industries, especially agriculture.
  • Ensuring groundwater pollution is avoided or quickly resolved is vital for the survival of unique ecosystems that are dependent on this source.
  • The effects of groundwater contamination are far-reaching, threatening not just human and animal health but also causing degradation of wetlands and rivers.

What Causes Groundwater Contamination?

Groundwater contamination typically occurs when man-made products seep into the water table. The sources of groundwater pollution can be diverse, including:

  • Fuel and oil spills
  • Chemicals and bacteria from septic systems
  • Waste materials from landfill sites and garbage dumps
  • By-products from industrial sites such as mines, abattoirs, cattle feedlots and piggeries

 How Can We Ensure Proper Groundwater Management & Monitoring Quality?

Groundwater contamination can strike at any time and create widespread damage. As such, regular monitoring and analysis of its chemical constituents are essential, especially in areas where groundwater is being extracted for various uses.

At EnviroScience Solutions, we are committed to the comprehensive management and monitoring of groundwater. Our services include:

How Can EnviroScience Solutions Assist in Groundwater Management?

EnviroScience Solutions conducts extensive groundwater monitoring and management under all circumstances, including residential & agricultural bores, town water supplies, compliance monitoring and complex groundwater investigations.

By entrusting us with your groundwater management and monitoring needs, you can ensure that the groundwater you rely on is sustainable and free of pollution, now and in the future.


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