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At EnviroScience Solutions we offer tailored training programs for staff and contractors, to raise environmental awareness and ensure the effective implementation of sustainable practices in the workplace.

Delivered face-to-face, or online, our programs focus on your particular need or issue, whether it be managing asbestos exposure and risk, including Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA), silica awareness training or identifying and managing other hazardous materials in the workplace.

To date, more than 1,000 people have attended our face-to-face training sessions, ensuring their workplace, and contractors, meet legislative requirements. While our interactive online courses include asbestos, and silica, awareness courses covering legislative training requirements, and new and emerging risks.

We also develop tailored corporate training programs, delivered by industry practitioners and supported by dedicated online portals.

EnviroScience remains at the forefront of necessary legislation, technology breakthroughs and emerging threats (e.g. Naturally Occurring Asbestos, silicosis, building materials imports) to continually update our materials to ensure you, and your contractors, meet all legislative requirements including record keeping.

Developed for frontline staff, supervisors, contractors, as well as management and directors of government and commercial organisations, our training is suitable for any tier of the workforce or members of the community

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