Mask Up: Protect your workforce with respirator fit testing

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NSW businesses are being urged to check their staff are using up-to-date and effective personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace through respirator fit testing.

Leading hazardous materials and environmental management consultancy, EnviroScience Solutions, is holding a series of face-to-face sessions in regional areas over the next few months.

EnviroScience Managing Director and Occupational Hygienist Juliet Duffy said it is imperative that PPE such as a respirator – which is designed to protect the wearer from inhaling hazardous, air contaminants – is working correctly.

“The respirator must be the perfect size and shape for the individual wearing it to adequately protect them from potential airborne dangers like asbestos, silica, fumes and other contaminants,” said Ms Duffy.

“The NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation outlines the legal responsibility of all employers in NSW is to ensure their workers are individually fitted with a well-sealed respirator to protect their workers.

“We’re inviting businesses and individuals from a range of industries such as construction, agriculture, mining, civil works, manufacturing and health to enrol for one of these important sessions.

“They’re quick 20-minute sessions and inexpensive – most importantly they provide peace of mind for employers that their workers are safe doing their job.”

It is mandatory in NSW, that workers who are potentially at risk from airborne contaminants carry out respirator fit testing before wearing one in the workplace.

Participants are asked to bring their respirator on the day where they will learn how to correctly put it on, take it off and care for it.

The respirator will also be thoroughly checked to ensure there are a no potential leaks between the face and facepiece by using a PortaCount™ Respirator Fit Tester – which will give it a pass or fail evaluation.

All fit testing is carried out on workers who are clean shaven or have no hair between their face and the fitting surfaces of the respirator face piece, as this can affect the seal.

Respirator Fit Testing sessions are taking place in Newcastle, Orange, Dubbo, Tamworth and Wagga Wagga between February and May.

For more information or to book, please go to:

Book a Session with EnviroScience Solutions

For larger groups, EnviroScience can arrange to deliver these sessions on site. Respirators can also be made available for employees not possessing one or needing a replacement.

Group fit testing sessions can also be scheduled for another time of the year by contacting EnviroScience direct on 1300 372 436 or submitting an enquiry form at:

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