Multidisciplinary environmental consultancy, EnviroScience ‘go-to’ for regional projects

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EnviroScience Solutions has long been the trusted go-to for safely managing hazardous materials, but the environmental consultancy has expanded its capacity to manage all aspects of the project with its multidisciplinary approach.

Setting the environmental consultancy apart from many of its competitors, particularly in the regions where the firm is based, EnviroScience has the expertise and highly specialised personnel to manage all aspects of contamination, remediation, and occupational hygiene works from start to finish.  

And this, EnviroScience Solutions Manager of Operations, Michael Williamson says, is their “point of difference.

“Project managers these days just want the one company that can do the lot,” he says.

“If they have to engage different companies to manage the different aspects of the job, such as hazardous materials, contamination of the site, and the occupational hygiene of the workers, they’ll start talking to other consultancies, who are often based in the city.”

Michael says EnviroScience not only has the in-house capabilities to manage all aspects of the job but being based across regional New South Wales ensures they “know people in the communities and the towns” to fast-track the job.

“We know who to speak to. We know who has the truck, or the excavator, or where to get what is needed to get the job done,” he says.

Managing all aspects of the project, Michael says his team come in and assess the site, conduct preliminary and detailed site investigations, develop remediation action plans, manage the remediation of the site, and conduct the site validation.

As part of this, Michael says there are often occupational hygiene aspects they need to manage and assess for the health and safety of the workers onsite and also neighbouring families and businesses, from personal monitoring for vapours, vibration, noise, and dust to fit testing of masks.

Having “boots on the ground throughout the project” not only creates efficiencies but also has cost benefits, Michael says.

“It is always difficult when you go to sites that have had multiple consultants over a period of time. You don’t know what their engagement was for or what their desired outcome was. But nevertheless, areas can be missed and overlooked, and this can cause issues when trying to validate a site.”

“Whereas we come in, as that one point of contact from start to finish. We know all the aspects, all the issues, and what we are going to run into while on site.

“It just makes the project run more seamlessly.”

Michael says the multidisciplinary nature of the business has developed as the consultancy has grown in recent years.  

“We have really kicked it up a notch,” he says. “We went from being around 25 people to 50, in the last two and a half years.

“There is a mass of regional growth out here at the moment. And with that growth, works are for the most of it, trying to keep it local. And we are here on the ground as that first point of contact.”

EnviroScience Solutions is headquartered in Dubbo, with offices in Wagga Wagga, Tamworth, Orange, and Newcastle. Covering industries including construction and infrastructure, mining, defence, agriculture, energy, property management, manufacturing, and the government and public sectors.

To see how EnviroScience can work with you and your business, call 1300 372 436.

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