EnviroScience Solutions ‘off the charts’ for service and support 

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Customer testimonial

Jim Murphy from the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service is not one to regularly praise businesses for their service and support. But he makes an exception when it comes to regional NSW hazardous materials and environmental services company, EnviroScience Solutions.   

“I don’t give out recommendations easily. But EnviroScience is a quality, unique regional business to deal with. They are off the charts to be honest with you,” Jim said.

EnviroScience has made a huge impression on Jim who is Southern ranges Senior field supervisor with NSW National Parks which is part of Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW).     

Following a bushfire near Talbingo on the South West Slopes of NSW in January this year, and then three major storm events in the area in 2020, 2021 and 2022, three culvert sites along a six kilometre stretch of the Talbingo Transmission Track in the Kosciuszko National Park, were severely damaged. The track has been closed since March 2020.  

When it was time to start to repair the track in 2021 a significant amount of Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) was found adjacent to site, posing a risk to human health if disturbed as part of the stabilisation works. 

National Parks engaged EnviroScience to investigate and assess the asbestos risk, and also prepare an Asbestos Management Plan to be implemented to manage the asbestos risk on site throughout the project.

Jim Murphy says the way EnviroScience carried out its work for National Parks was world-class.  

“I could not recommend EnviroScience highly enough after seeing their work on this project. Because of that, National Parks & Wildlife Service have since engaged them to work on other NSW Government projects within Kosciuszko National Park and beyond.”

“Their willingness to turn up to site when we need them at short notice, is exceptional. We often put pressure on them for fast turn arounds on results and they have had no problems with that. Their reporting system is phenomenally accurate and timely,” he says.

“The EnviroScience team is always too happy to help, always picking up the phone, always returning emails. It’s good old fashioned country service and I haven’t come across anything like this in a long time.”

Jim Murphy says EnviroScience is very good at what it does – a regionally based company equipped to provide effective and comprehensive solutions to regional problems, fast.

“Probably the best-selling point of EnviroScience I would say, is their people. I cannot speak highly enough of Managing Director Juliet Duffy, she’s just an incredible, fast paced woman – for her, nothing’s a problem.”

Jim Murphy says in his experience, EnviroScience staff go above and beyond for clients. 

“They are very, very passionate about their work, always enthusiastic and nothing is ever a problem for them.”

In 2023, National Parks was planning on milling and resurfacing the road at a site in the upper southern Ranges area, when Jim realised the location was where several fibro cottages once stood when the original Snowy Mountains scheme was being built.

He called EnviroScience to see whether they could check that there was no asbestos in the road before the project kicked off.  

“It was a last-minute request, but the EnviroScience team dropped everything to get a specialist there from Canberra and an excavator to dig sample holes. This was all in 24 hours. They are such good people. It was fantastic”.   

“The team had a report for me two days later with a certificate of clearance confirming there was no NOA or residual asbestos onsite. EnviroScience’s immediate response meant we had minimal delays with the asphalt project, and it saved us a lot of money”.

Instances of NOA are becoming a more prevalent environmental issue across the State. And according to Jim, EnviroScience is leading the way on the issue.

“EnviroScience is very much at the forefront of the issue of NOA. They are carrying out some really important work to help organisations, such as the National Parks & Wildlife Service, understand what the future could look like on this issue. It’s still an unknown.”

Jim Murphy will tell anyone, if you have any issues with hazardous materials or environmental management, it’s a no brainer to call EnviroScience Solutions.  

“If you’re looking for practical results with a quick turnaround, at a cost-effective price point, EnviroScience are the people I would definitely recommend you contact. You absolutely won’t regret it”.